Buying a cup of tea will help enable your child to play on a brand new astroturf hockey pitch.

Sending your child to a Harlequins Disco helps ensure the future of the club where you hope they will play for a majority of their lifetime.

It is not every day sweeping statements like this can be made, but we, Harlequins Management, are coming to you, the parents, to explain where we are currently as a club, and what little things that can be done will enable a future for Harlequins Hockey Club.

As you may, or may not be aware, Harlequins Club were awarded a sports capital grant of €135,000 for a replacing of one of the Astroturf pitches.  This will cover only the partial cost of the new pitch. A new pitch will cost and estimated FROM €250,000 TO €520,000.  As well as this, the club is currently under financial pressure from the previous pitch being laid, so we need to gather together and get behind one another to help solve this dilemma in what little ways we can.

Members of the club have already got started on this and have brought great fun back to Harlequins for the generation the deserve it the most –the young players.

Harlequins Discosare back with a bang and have proven extremely successful over the last 12months.  However, we want to push this to another level, get all our players, who play in Harlequins to attend these discos.  The cost of these tickets are only €10compared to local competitors who charge BETWEEN €15.00 & €20.00 per ticket.  All discos are fully supervised by senior members of the club.

17th October – 1st Year Disco – It’s always tough on young kids moving to a new school, with new friends.  Why not get them to relax in Harlequins having a laugh in our fully supervised disco.

25th October – 2nd Year Disco and 1st November is the 3rd Year Disco – Following great success over the last 12 months, these discos are nearly always a sell-out.

If you feel you want to help with these discos in any small way, contact Diane Buckley on 0872733409

Goodies Coffee Shophas returned to Harlequins every Saturday Morning while Kid’s coaching is on.

For every cup of tea or coffee sold by Jean in her café on a Saturday morning, €1 will go to Harlequins Pitch Fund. So why not buy the newspaper or bring that novel you have always wanted to read and come up to Harlequins on a Saturday morning, come in and buy a cup of tea/coffee and sit down in the clubhouse and wait for your child to finish training.

These are just a few ways we are using to make a start on one huge task which lays before us.  We need everyone to come together now, more than ever so we can ensure the future of Harlequins Club.