Committee Members

Jenny O’Driscoll (Club President)

David Deady, Club Chairperson


Cathy Minehane (Club Secretary)

Judith Landers, Treasurer


Jane Chapple (Child Officer, Boys Hockey)

Fran Doonan (Child Officer, Girls Hockey)

Adre Vosloo, (Child Officer, Cricket)
Edward Gash, (Designate Liaison Person)

Cork Harlequins comprises of four sections

Cricket, Youths Hockey, Women’s Hockey and Men’s Hockey.

Each section has their own committee and they are over seen by the management committee.

Cork Harlequins has 2 employees: Club Manager Sharon Hutchinson and Groundsman Stanley Cronin

Management Committee 2020/2021

President: Jenny Kavanagh

Chairperson: David Deady

Treasurer: Judith Landers

Secretary: Cathy Minehane

Child Officer (Senior Women’s Section): Grace Keane

Men’s Hockey Rep: John Whyte, Dave Palmer

Women’s Hockey Rep: Erica Breen, Emma Bateman

Vets/Social Hockey Rep: Pat Sargent

Youths Hockey Rep: Karen Bateman (Boys), Rachael Kohler (Girls)

Cricket: Richard Brewster via

Youth’s Hockey Section

Child Officer Girls Hockey:  Francesca Doonan,

Child Officer Boys Hockey: Jane Chapple

Club Designate Liasion Person: Edward Gash

Phone numbers on request (

Rep to Management Rachael Kohler (Girls)

Rep to Management Karen Bateman (Boys)

Women’s Hockey Section

Women’s Chairperson: Rachel O’Byrne

Secretary: Fran Doonan


Div 1 TBC

Div 2 TBC

Div 3 TBC

Div 4 TBC

Div 5 TBC

Rep to Management Erica Breen
Rep to Management Emma Bateman 

Men’s Hockey Section

Chairperson: Richie Gash

Secretary: Dave Egner

Treasurer: Tom Meagher

Fixtures: Stuart Egner Email

1st Team Manager Cathy Minehane, 0861738186,

1st Team Coach Aaron Willis

2nd Team Manager TBC
2nd Team Coach TBC

3rd Team Manager Ross Bateman

3rd Team Coach TBC

Rep to Management David Palmer
Rep to Management John Whyte


Hon. Secretary: CHRIS HICKEY 086 8101477    
Chair RICHARD BREWSTER 083 1155853    
Hon. Treasurer: CHRIS HICKEY 086 8101477    
Club Captain/1st Team Captain LCU: MATTHEW BREWSTER 085 1124742    
MCU T20 Captain: MATTHEW BREWSTER 085 1124742    
Club Captain/1st Team Captain MCU: KIERAN O’REILLY 087 1475500    
2nd Team Captain ERIC COTTER 087 7073122    
3rd Team Captain MERRIL KAHAPOLA 086 1901996    
4th Team Captain FRED RICKETTS 086 8579958    
Club Children’s Officer ADRE VOSLOO (086) 3766118    
Club Designated Liaison Person JACK FILEN 087 6700840