Covid-19 at Quins


Welcome to Cork Harlequins. Before your game at Harlequin Park please refer to the latest Hockey Ireland/Cricket Ireland protocols which each club must adhere to to play hockey/cricket in a safe manner. The club completed a risk assessment of the facility in 2020, and a declaration was submitted to Munster Hockey/ Munster Cricket. The Covid Officer for the club is Sharon Hutchinson however each host team must have a Covid 19 Officer present at each game/session, mindful of the latest protocols.

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Please view our site map, indicating entry and exit to playing pitches, where to park etc. Also please view our video which outlines our Return to Play protocols in a visual manner
It is the responsibility of the visiting team to ensure that all their party are in good health and have adhered to the following guidelines:

  • You have not have been around someone with symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • You have not been in a period of self-isolation and/or cocooning under the current Health Policy Rules
  • You have not been displaying COVID-19 symptoms
  • You are under 70 years of age 
  • All names must be sent to the club as outlined in the Munster Branch guidelines. 
  • Bring your own equipment (sticks, balls, cones)

We have compiled a short guide covering

·         What to do before leaving home

·         Where to park when you get to the club

·         Going on to pitches

·         Playing safely

·         Getting home safely

Before leaving home

  • Ensure that you have contacted the club and your team list and supporters have been submitted with contact details.
  • Ensure you have your own equipment.
  • Bring water with you.
  • It is strongly recommended that you bring your own hand sanitizer, there are however stations at the club.
  • Go to the bathroom if needed! There is limited access to a toilet. There are no changing room facilities available for local teams. 

When you arrive at the club

  • Park in an area away from any other parked cars in the car park.
  • Sanitize your hands before you enter the pitch area.

On the pitch – Playing

  • Physical distancing should be observed off the pitch
  • Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives or other contact
  • Each team brings their own marked balls.
  • Players should remain apart from other players when on the sidelines.
  • Leave the pitch promptly at the end of the game and avoid contact with oncoming players (if any)

Getting home safely

  • Once play has finished players should leave the premises promptly, sanitising their hands on the way out.
  • If a player becomes unwell after playing, they should first contact their GP/HSE and then inform their club.

Please contact Sharon on 087 1953447 if you have any questions. It is the responsibility of all players and visitors to be informed and adhere to the recommendations for the health and safety of yourself and others. 

Kind Regards
Cork Harlequins Management Committee