Women’s Hockey

 Div 1, Train Monday night 7 – 8.30 pm, thursday night 7-8.30pm

 Div 2, 4, 5, 6, u18  TBC

Our 1st team had an exceptional last season and the future looks very exciting for this young talented side.  This team has competed in every Irish Hockey League season since its inception in 2009. The team were coached by Edward Gash and managed by Vanessa Sargent for the 22/23 season winning the Munster Div 1 League and Div 1 Cup.  They reached the semi final of EY2 league.

The 2nd team competes in Division Two in the Munster League.  This team are a highly competitive team with Harlequins up and coming hot talent. Our 3rds won the munster league last year so are now competing in div 2.

The 3rd team won their munster league last year so were promoted to div 2.

The 4th team compete in Division 4 and were new to the Munster League in 2019/20.

The 5th team were made up school goers in the 2022/23 season. They competed well in the munster league and won the Munster Div 5 cup.

In 2022/23 we had 2 U18 teams. This U18 League will be a full a proper league for 2023/24. This league is for those who are U18 and not ready to play in the Senior Women’s Section

U16 section comes under the women’s section. In 2022/23 the section had 3 U16 teams. Each year this group gets larger and better, a true testament to the huge work being done in the youth section.

If you are looking to join any of our women’s teams, please email admin@corkharlequins.com