Code of Ethics


Child Welfare Policy

Hockey Ireland is fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of its participants.  Every individual in hockey should at all times, show respect and understanding for participants’ rights, safety and welfare and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the organisation and the guidelines contained in the Sport Ireland Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport.

In working with young people in hockey our first priority is their welfare and we are committed to providing an environment that will allow participants to perform to the best of their ability, free from abuse, neglect, bullying and intimidation.

Hockey Ireland’s child welfare policy, the Hockey Ireland Code of Ethics, contains Codes of Conduct (for sports leaders, young people and parents), a recruitment policy, guidelines for travelling, supervision and physical contact along with guidelines for recognising and reporting child protection concerns. This document applies to Hockey Ireland’s branches, clubs and all affiliated organisations. To view a full copy of the Hockey Ireland Code of Ethics, click here.

Child Protection and Recruitment
Clubs and branches must carry out safe recruitment procedures to ensure that all those working with young people are suitable.   Click here for more detail on what is required in order to follow safe recruitment procedures.

Good recruitment practice does not guarantee that a concern over a child’s welfare may not arise. To be able to respond to a concern, clubs, branches and affiliated organisations  need to have child protection procedures in place.  Click here for more on child protection procedures.

If you have any concerns, contact your Designated Person who is responsible for reporting any concerns to the Statutory Authorities. For contact details for Hockey Ireland and Branch Designated Persons, click here.

Good Practice in Hockey
To ensure that children have a positive experience playing hockey, there are guidelines in the Code of Ethics around good practice. All involved with youth hockey should sign a Code of Conduct to create a child friendly environment in which young people can thrive. This includes Sport Leaders, parents, children and those responsible for the organisation for youth hockey.  See the Hockey Ireland Code of Ethics for Codes of Conduct.

The Code of Ethics also includes guidelines for travelling, hosting, physical contact, the use of social media, the use of photographic equipment and supervision.  It also set out guidelines on preventing Bullying.

The Club Children’s Officer is responsible for helping the club to create a child friendly environment and is the link between child, parent and club. If you have any questions around good practice in hockey in your club, speak to your Club Children’s Officer. For contact details for Hockey Ireland and Branch Children’s Officers, click here.

Training Courses
Child Welfare & Protection (Code of Ethics) workshops (Safeguarding courses) are run by Sport Ireland through the Local Sports Partnerships in the Republic of Ireland. Sport Ireland has recently changed the structure of these workshops. The details of the three stages of training are outlined here. Sport NI run the equivalent for Northern Ireland called Safeguarding Children and Young People in Sport.  If you cannot access a course, contact your Regional Development Officer as you can receive assistance with organising and running a course in your club. A list of Local Sports Partnerships is available by clicking here. A list of courses run by Sport NI is available by clicking here.

Hockey Ireland recommends that Safeguarding courses are repeated in full every 5 years. However in the case of Safeguarding 1 there is now an app refresher course which can be done once after 5 years, followed by the full Safeguarding 1 course after another 5 years.

More Information

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please initially check out our Frequently Asked Questions. There are a range of people that are available to help your club with the Code of Ethics if needed!  We would always recommend you to contact your branch initially.  Contact for the Branch Children’s Officers are available by clicking here. Contact details for the National Children’s Officer are available by clicking here.  And lastly, don’t forget that you can also get in touch with the Development Officers in your area. And once more, contact details are available by clicking here.

Safe Sport App

Sport Ireland has launched a Safe Sport app which is based on the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children’s Sport. It is an information and guidance tool for everyone involved in sport for children and young people. The app is aimed at creating greater awareness and understanding about safeguarding and best practice principles in children’s sport.

There are four key areas of the app which can be accessed from the home screen:

  • Leader/Coach
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Club/Organisation
  • Child/Young Person
  • Cork Harlequins Codes of Conduct for Youths and Parents

Junior Players Code of Conduct & Behaviour

Parents Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics Statement

A copy of our code of ethics through hockey can be found & downloaded here

  • Cork Harlequins Code of Conduct for Coaches 

Sports Leaders Code of Conduct

Application Form for New Leaders

Self Declaration form for New Leaders

Self Declaration form for Existing Leaders

  • Vetting

Hockey Ireland Vetting

Hockey Ireland Garda Vetting Policy

Hockey Ireland Garda Vetting (ROI)

eVetting Invitation and ID Validation Form

Previously Vetted Form

Parental Consent Form for Garda Vetting (16/17 year olds)


Below are the National, Munster and club Children’s Officer and Designated Person.


National Children’s Officer: Laura Cullen: or +353 (01) 7163262            National Designated Person (ROI): To be advised



Children’s Officer: Shirley Moore: or 087 2307450
Designated Person: Sharon Hutchinson : or 0868812617


Children’s Officer (Boys): Ger Venner

Designated Person: Bridget Bateman

  • Irish Hockey and Munster Hockey Code of Ethics

MBIHA Complaints and Appeals Procedure in relation to young people, their sports leaders and their parents involved at any level – click here

MBIHA Code of Conduct for Young People – Click here


Kingsley Jones is the crickets children’s officer

Jack Filen is the Cricket designate

A copy of the cricket code of ethics can be found below

Anti Bullying Policy

Code of Ethics