Letter from Chairperson


Re: COVID-19 – Impact on Cork Harlequins – Chairman’s Note 

Dear Fellow Members, 

As chairman, and on behalf of the management committee, I want to just to put a quick note out to you all in this time of uncertainty with unprecedented restrictions on us all. I want to let you know the impact on the club and what we hope to achieve in the near future. 

Currently, as I’m sure you all know, the club is in “Lockdown”. No access for anyone is permitted to the Clubhouse, Hockey Pitches and Cricket Pitch by management orders. Whilst, I know some people are upset about this order, we feel it’s in the best interest of all our members and staff to keep safe from the spread of the coronavirus. 

We are taking direction from Hockey Ireland in relation to all aspects of training, matches, coaching and leagues. As I’m sure you are aware, they confirmed all leagues, cup matches and scheduled coaching camps have been canceled and as such, 2019 – 2020 hockey season is over. We were nearly there anyhow with most leagues only having a few games left to playout. Training for the underage had a few weeks to go the end of March and cup matches nearing completion stages. 

Cricket has been mostly effected with the restrictions. This time of year the cricket season just kicks off. Now with uncertainty about restrictions and time scales its uncertain when their season will get up and running so hang in there guys. 

As you know, unfortunately we had to cancel a number of social fundraising events including an underage disco and the Annual Dinner Dance. In addition with the loss of earnings from the renting of the facilities, this has had a major effect on the day to day running costs of the club. As the pandemic continues and the rumblings from government to a potential extension of time on restrictions, we are unable to confirm any revised dates for such events including the annual AGM. 

On a positive note, what we can be sure of is this uncertainty will end! We will all get back to normal life and back to playing our sport that we all love so much. We all miss the comradery of our friends, team mate’s coaches and the social interaction of all members of Quins. When it does end, we are proposing a Quins Members and Parents Club Day. The form of event is open to suggestions by the members (email facilities@corkharlequins.com with any ideas / suggestions) and could be just a fun day with a mixed age / gender blits with a BBQ in the garden. When it is on, we hope you can all attend to show your support to the club and the great solidarity of members, parents and volunteers to our great club. 

I hope to be talking to you all in the near future and from all in Management please mind yourself and we look forward to meeting up soon. 

Yours in sport, 

David Deady, Cork Harlequins Chairperson